Studio sound at home for you, everyday high quality sound from your PC Speakers, Hi-Fi stereo and Headphones.

AudioBurst Studio Sound FX
Winamp Plugin Enhance Sound Studio Sound FX Plugin

Studio Sound FX is FREE SOFTWARE, used with Winamp a FREE media player

Convert your average PC speakers into high quality pro audio devices found in recording studios. Pro audio in your own home, for the first time. No need to spend $1000's on high end audio equipment, just use QO Labs Acuity Technology to revolutionise your listening experience.

Currently music is compressed and made to sound loud at the sacrifice of dynamics. Music with no dynamics sounds 'cheap', lacking in clarity and excitement when listened through PC Speakers and Standard Hi-Fi.

Audio enhancers avaliable for winamp make the sound louder or different but not necessarily clear and realistic.

Studio Sound FX is different to other audio enhancers by using exclusive Acuity technology that functions on any speaker making the sound more coherent and minimising percievable colourations made by standard quality speakers. Studio Sound FX will give you a true to life experience of your favourite songs, hearing them the way the recording engineer intended in all its glory.

Studio Sound FX, Acuity sound enhancer from QO Labs for Winamp Plugins Audiophile Sound Player

Acuity Sound Technology from QO Labs

    A sound so precise it would gain the seal of approval from professional studio recording artists, all from your speakers in your own home. A sound so real that you will finally get to enjoy your music collection, the way it was intended in the studio.
    Imagine the amazement you could be feeling right now, as you experience true Studio Sound.
    Your speakers are currently producing an average sound, do you wish to have a better than an average sound?
    Are you curious to know how this is all possible?
    Let your ears show you that this is all possible, and enjoy true Studio Sound from your Hi-Fi, Headphones & PC Speakers, when you enjoy Studio Sound FX by downloading for FREE now.

Maximum Performance from any output device

  • Deep rich quality bass extension
  • Coherent crisp midrange
  • Fresh treble with details you never heard before

Real Audio

  • Lifelike vocals
  • Drums have greater impact just like the real thing
  • Easy to listen to as if live performance was in front of you
  • Room-filling music that you will want to turn up and listen to

Download Updated SSFX 2.21 Plugin

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